Chicken by-product series

In traditional Chinese medicine, by-products such as chicken have great medicinal value, such as "black bone chicken".

Chicken leg


Chicken heart

Chicken liver

Chicken gizzard

Middle wing

Chicken feet


White sugar

White sugar contains sugars, which are one of the main sources of nutrition for the human body. The consumption of the human body is maintained by the heat energy generated by the oxidation of sugars. Approximately 70% of the energy required for human activities is supplied by carbohydrates. MORE

Soybean series

Soybeans contain a large amount of phytic acid, dietary minerals, and B vitamins. Soybean vegetable oil used for food and industrial applications is another product for processing soybean crops. Soybeans are the most important source of protein for raising farm animals (which in turn produces animal protein for human consumption).

Green beans

Yellow soybean

Kidney bean

Vicia faba


Black beans


About SWF

About SWF

Cheung Wing Fung (Hong Kong) Asset Holdings Lit

The founder, Zheng Desheng, is the key person at the helm of the Zheng family business. Hehasbeen concerned about drinking water quality, safety and health-related issues in China at anearlyage. Through years of unrelenting efforts, he has established his own scientific researchteamnamely Zhongde KeJian Water Technology Research Institution with like-minded domestic ruralindustry experts. Zhongde KeJian Water Technolgy Ltd specializes in providing functional watertreatment equipments and large-scale water treatment system solutions for packaging water.